About Practicing PR

Practicing PR is part of a class project in APR 432 PR Management at the University of Alabama.  The contributors are seniors majoring or minoring in public relations.  The purpose of the blog is to have the students practice the public relations tool of blogging by actually blogging and to have them engage critically and analytically in the practice of public relations.


5 thoughts on “About Practicing PR”

  1. Practicing PR is great! Definitely keep up with my blog posts!

  2. Laura Oswalt said:

    I was just thinking about something that would be helpful to the class with experience that I have had in internships. Last summer I interned with the Public Relations Director of the Tuscaloosa County Schools. I was in the office doing various jobs but the most important things that stood out to me was all of the writing that I was continually asked to do. Being in PR you can expect to be asked to write but I think that it is VERY important that you keep your skills polished on things like memos, press releases, writing out a short speech to give on PR matters, the basics pretty much. I didn’t realize how often you really do use those things. Every single day I used those type of skills. I know this is random but another thing I think is very important is to be able to take notes at an interview or a meeting VERY quickly. In these meetings I would go with my boss and he expected me to write down everything that was said. He didn’t care if it was spelled correctly or a jumbled up mess just as long as I could read it and then make the points into clear notes that he could read later. I had to find abbreviations that were unheard of but I could remember. This was a lifesaver once I found out a quick way to do this. It really worked out best just doing whatever worked for me. Main point of this is just keep your basic skills polished because you are definitely going to need them!

    • You make great points, Laura. We try to stress the importance of writing, but students don’t always believe us. Also, Betsy Plank said Dan Edelman used to fire people if they did not take notes in meetings.

    • Armon is Awesome said:

      Yup, writing is totally key. I write just to write, even if I have nothing to write about. It keeps my skills sharp so that I can hammer out a great news release at a moment’s notice! This is part of the reason that I blog…I’m under the pretty distinct impression that typically no more than about 6 people read my blog on any given day, but I keep writing (when I remember to) anyway.

    • elainmarie said:

      I think this is a helpful post. It also stresses the importance of work experience. You learn how to write in class, but the things you learned were on the job.

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