I loaded up my computer and like any other student immediately clicked to the internet to mindlessly browse Facebook in my down time, but I had to stop at Yahoo! to see what the front stories were. I actually laughed at my computer at one story that drew my attention about San Juan Mayor Jorge Santini, and the news of his unusual family Christmas Card.

The small write up for the news story actually had me questioning why this man’s family thought this was a good idea. Now, I expect Christmas Cards to be the usual Christmas tree or witty Holiday joke, and am not stating that every family Christmas card is perfect, (in fact we all have our little laughs from some family), but as a public figure, I would expect this mayor to present his family in a more shall we say dignified manner.

Now, the lash and social media frenzy has begun now that this picture has gone viral, so it is in this mayor’s best interest to begin damage control. I understand it’s his family and it is their choice to represent themselves as they see fit, but again, this man is in the public eye. To recoup confidence in this man as a human being fit for office, I would advise him to play the card off as a pun or satirical joke meant to draw attention and have some laughs. There really is no time to reissue another Christmas card to everyone he sent to (and how could he top that anyways?) so there really is nothing to do but just address the problem at hand head on and move from there. Over time, this will die down for the mayor, and outside his town it will be forgotten by the public, but the only thing Mayor Santini can do is just address the questions with a smile