Many people think that PR is all about spinning the truth to help your client. Some think it’s more of manipulating words to seem better in the public eye. This is fundamentally not true. PR encapsulates many things and one of the most important is maintaining a positive relationship. http://prinyourpajamas.com/pr-case-study-building-relationships/

One of the relationships is between your company and the public. The way the public views your company or product is essential to your success.  Important relationships aren’t just between your company and the public. The relationship inside your company is also vital. Maintaining a positive relationship between your employees is also a function of PR that can have a significant impact on your success. Happy employees will make the company run smoother and more efficiently. These relationships aren’t built in one day. It takes a great deal of time to build a lasting and positive relationship. A way to build a positive bond is by being transparent.  A PR professional should let their employees and the public know most of the necessary information that goes through a company. Another way is to carefully plan your message that you want to give to your employees and the public.  A company is built on the reputation it has with employees and its client so it’s essential for every company to practice good PR.