The “occupy” movement has been dominating the news for quite some time now. Their main focus is shrinking the gap between the rich and the poor and ending greed in our society.  Recently the protestors in New York participated in a mass paper-airplane throwing at banks. This wouldn’t be that big of a deal in many cases, but it’s confusing why the protestors would get people throwing paper airplanes at skyscrapers in New York City ten years after 9/11. If the “occupy” protestors want to gain credibility in the mainstream media then stunts like these are not the way to go. The mass airplane throwing wasn’t widely publicized, but it still dealt a blow to the protestors in the public eye. This wasn’t meant to remind people of 9/11 or be insensitive. This was just the protestors carrying out their agenda to show people the “greed” of banks.  A problem with this is that only a handful of protestors showed up.  This was a very unsuccessful demonstration of their right to protest. Some viewers felt like this movement wasn’t serious due to the lack of organization and the strange way they demonstrated their protest.  The only thing that was affected was the public’s view of the “occupy” movement.

Lately it seems that this movement is slowly dissolving. We don’t hear too much about the movement anymore because a large part of them have been discouraged by the mass arrests during some of the protests. Maybe a better PR agenda could’ve helped.  Getting your team members together and peacefully demonstrating within your limits of the law would’ve helped the cause more.  Reaching out to the media about your message and where and what the movement will be doing also could’ve helped.  Using social media more to tell supporters where and when demonstrations will be held. Using youtube to combat all the negative videos of the “occupy” movements also could’ve helped.  This movement isn’t over and in no way do I support this movement but it will be interesting to see what comes next for the “occupy” movement. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_YdIRhvQW6U