Last weekend I flew to New York on Delta Airlines.  Delta is not normally my favorite airline to fly, but I had a positive experience with them this weekend when my flight was delayed.  On my final morning in New York I received a phone call and voice mail from Delta indicating that my flight had been delayed and to please call back for further information.  I then checked my email and saw a message that said that my 4:15 p.m. flight had been pushed back to 5:15 p.m. and to contact the airline with any questions or concerns.

When I arrived at the airport to check in and print my boarding pass, I was once again informed of the delay, the cause of the delay, and given information regarding rebooking procedures.  I had no concerns with the one-hour setback and eventually boarded my non-stop flight to Birmingham.  The following day, I received an email asking about my delay and requesting that I fill out a short survey to tell the airline about my experience.  The survey asked questions regarding both the information that was delivered to me and whether or not airline representatives were informed and helpful during the delay.

I think that this system works really well for Delta and demonstrates to customers that they understand the inconveniences that changes in flight schedules can cause.  They made sure to reach out to me in every way that they could: phone, email and in person.  Just in case I had been subjected to a negative experience, they followed up the next day with a way for me to provide feedback about what had happened during my travels.  Because of how Delta handled this situation, I’m confident that if my survey results had been very negative someone from the airline would have reached out to me to make amends.

In my opinion, many airlines today do not make customer service a priority, especially when it comes to things like short delays or checking baggage.  Delta’s process for informing delayed passengers helped me to make the most of my trip and made my delay as mildly inconvenient as possible.  In fact, I spent a little more time in Manhattan that day because I knew well in advance that I had some added time before needing to arrive at the airport.  Because I’m not a loyal Delta flyer, any bad experience would easily have caused me to have a very poor perception of the airline.  Instead, their effective communication left me unexpectedly impressed and more likely to consider flying with them in the future.