When I first heard about this I thought that it may have been referring to the old incident that happened at Virginia Tech back in 2007 when a student killed numerous students. But as I look on my news feeds I notice it’s a recent shooting that happened today with two individuals. Although Virginia Tech has been doing everything they can in order to give the public up to date information, it still doesn’t help that another violent act has happened on their campus. This school’s reputation is tarnished and it is going to be very hard for them to gain any type of positivity. I know I am not the only person who thought back to they 2007 incident and said “not again.” I really can’t fathom what parents of students that attend the school are thinking. I understand that many schools have incidents such as racial slurs, bomb threats, and etc. But, the fact that the same incident happened to this institution more than once is somewhat unheard of. Virginia Tech needs to get ready for all the negativity that is coming their way, because it is going to be extremely hard to brand a school for incoming students when it has such a bad reputation now.