Versace and H&M collide!! The frenzy for Versace and H&M began on November 8th in New York City. On the 8th the runway show and the launch party for Versace and H&M collection took place. Performances by Niki Minaj and Prince were held to get the party started. Versace’s line for H&M launches November 19th, however there has been some talk about a website in China that is selling the full line already. This makes me wonder if the Versace line for H&M is going to be a pr nightmare like the Missoni-for-Target line.

Versace and H&M commented on the Chinese site saying their lawyers are checking into it, and they encourage people to wait until the 19th to buy the line from H&M’s website. I will be curious to see in two days if H&M’s actual site will be able to hold all of the web traffic it will receive. I have a feeling this might be a disaster waiting to happen seeing as what happened with Target and Missoni. For both Versace and H&M’s sake I hope if they experience technical difficulties like Target, they will do some pr work and release a statement acknowledging the problem.