It goes without saying that by now the entire nation knows of the scandal that has unfolded at Penn State University the past week or so. Not only is this a chance to view the fall of glory that is Joe Paterno (his legacy alone is a discussion in itself), but is also a chance for public relations professionals and students to watch a case study unfold. The details of what is happening at State College are still unfolding, and surely it will be days, possibly weeks, before the entire truth is uncovered, but in the midst of all this, we are able to watch an institution practice the public relations that we’ve all learned.

Has the university done all it can do, or is there more that could, or can rather, be done? That question will never truly be satisfied because on such a large scale as this no one will ever be satisfied. But what is intriguing to witness is how the Pennsylvania State University Board of Trustees is going about its business in the wake of this scandal. The firing of all involved came as a shock to all, but I for one praise the BOT for doing this. With a scandal like this, it is imperative that the higher ups clean house, and did they ever. The university itself should investigate the riots that ensued in the wake of the firings that occurred, and I personally feel, as a PR student, that the highest punishment should be enforced on these students.

It goes without saying that a public relations case can present itself without even trying, and not since the BP fiasco have professionals waited for a chance to examine the actions that have and/or will occur.