One of my biggest regrets over my college career was my decision to take computer science over a foreign language.  It was only last semester that I realized how much this would affect me in my job search.  For years I have been told that learning a foreign language would be beneficial to me, but I didn’t want to take Spanish because in high-school I didn’t feel like I learned enough to be successful with it. Now, considering multiple cultures in everyday business practices is extremely important, and knowing Spanish, for instance, would be a great asset to a future employer. According to an article about multicultural audiences, approximately 1 in 6 Americans are Hispanic. One in six…not such a small minority now. Being knowledgeable about the Hispanic culture is huge because that is a significant amount of the population that you would want to hold on to for a client’s sake. There is even an advertising agency called Hispanic Advertising that is designed specifically to help people connect with the Hispanic population. This company specializes in search engine optimization and Internet advertising that target the Hispanic audience. What a forward-thinking idea. This audience is a huge portion of the American population and their needs have to be met just as everyone else’s.  For those companies out there who do not have someone on staff who understands this culture, you can contract out the work for that now.