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For my final project in class, I am doing a case study on LeBron James. I recently did an analysis of James through social media, and what I found was actually very surprising. Before I started my research I was under the impression that it was just angry Cleveland Cavalier fans who didn’t like James, but I began my research, I quickly found out that I was very wrong. LeBron James is not just disliked by Cavs fans, but a lot of other people have a strong hatred toward him.

I searched through Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and websites to see what people were saying about LeBron James, and all had a negative tone regarding him. People don’t like him not just because he betrayed his home state and decided to play for Miami, but he is disliked for his general attitude and the way he acts. When I came across an actual comment on a blog about James that said “dude needs a real PR person and quickly”, I thought if some random person can see that then why can’t James.

From what I saw throughout the various social media sites, it’s clear that LeBron James needs to work on thinking about what he says and does. What I don’t understand is that he certainly isn’t lacking the money to hire a PR team, or even just one PR person, so what’s the hold up. Is he just so famous and talented that he doesn’t care what people are saying about him? If that’s the case, he may be in for some trouble. I believe the fame and reputation of celebrities rest on what people are thinking and saying about them. With social media today those feelings can be spread widely and quickly, and I think that can do serious damage. I personally am a LeBron James fan, but I think that he needs to start monitoring himself or he at least needs to hire someone to do it for him. If James doesn’t do anything about his current status in social media, I only see his reputation falling even more.