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Small ideas are turning into effective campaigns everywhere. The latest one I have heard about is the Orange Bike Program which is sparking efforts on several college campuses across the country. The Orange Bike Program is a bike-share program in which community donated bikes are made available for students, faculty, and staff to use on a daily basis across campus. The program was established last fall and rapidly gained membership through the spring. Since the bikes are donated by local community members, they end up on campus instead of in a landfill. The bikes are refurbished and painted bright orange so they can be easily recognized around campus. The orange bikes assist students by getting to class faster than walking and are more environmentally friendly than driving.

This idea was sparked after noticing other campuses with similar ideas and the popularity they were gaining. Using public relations to further promote the idea across campus has become a big priority for the program because the creators want to keep this campaign fresh and keep students interested. So far, the efforts seem to be working because the Orange Bike Program is completely volunteer based by students. The students only wish to donate their time to keep the idea alive and prospering.