In the past two days my Facebook mini feed has been filling up with status updates that say things like, “I like it on the floor” or “I like it in my car.” At first I thought that this was some inside joke that I was not apart of, and quite frankly did not want to be apart of. Why were people saying where they liked it? As more and more appeared I decided I had to figure out what was going on and why these people were being so open about their personal lives.

As I was researching, I found out that people all over the world were tweeting, and Facebooking, about where they liked to put their purse when they got home. These statuses were not sexual and were actually recognizing the fact that October is breast cancer awareness month.

I thought at first this was some silly game that people thought was funny, but it was actually a great PR move. This small gesture on Facebook and Twitter has made millions wonder what people are talking about, which has forced them to google”I like it” in order to find out what it actually means. The few people who started this have caused a chain reaction that millions have caught onto.

I think that this is a great PR move because it got people talking, and thinking, about breast cancer awareness month. Like we said in class, PR is about communicating and getting your name or brand recognized. This trend has accomplished all of the above, and has been done in a fun, creative way. I believe that things like this can be way more effective than distributing thousands of statistics and information about a cause. This gives people the ability to do their own research and find out things for their own. And even if you do not choose to look up the breast cancer awareness month website , you will still think of it every time you read a tweet, or status, that says “I like it on the table.”