Being knowledgeable about international business is becoming more important in today’s public relations field. This past summer I spent my time gaining international experience in Dublin, Ireland. Entering a competitive job market makes any internship experience valuable and necessary in the current global market. Many students, like myself, have chosen to complete these internships abroad to not only gain cultural experience, but also to have that “edge” on other public relations students. These opportunities though often unpaid help students make connections with professionals in the business and get their foot in the door. After this summer I realized that international internships not only allow an individual to work in their related field, but it also opens a chance to understand the profession in a new way.

Having this hands on experience provides students with a challenge to apply the learned skills and knowledge from the classroom to the real world. The internship that I participated in helped me realize the value and worth of having a broad range of experience. Going abroad widen my horizons and made me adapt to new practices in the public relations field. If you are interested in the program that I participated in then go to www.eusa-edu.com for more information.