Recently, there was a terrorist airway threat that caused American and European air traffic controls and national securities to raise the travel alerts. Before Obama could have thought about tweeting it, it was all over Twitter. Why would he tweet when he can depend on people like the US State Department to do it for him? It is almost inevitable that when news comes in or people get wind of it, it is going to be tweeted, reaching possibly more people that any news source could ever imagine.

Well, this is good in a sense that everyone needs to be aware and take proper safety precautions, but at the same time it causes much resentment and hatred towards innocent people. After the “alert” was tweeted for everyone to see, precaution and suspicion from travels sparked. All of a sudden innocent people were being glared at like they were going to blow the plane up or had a bomb in their carryon just solely based on their looks or nationality. It is hard to blame the non-middle Eastern looking people for their caution and hatred towards these people, but at the same time the innocent people do not deserve the segregation. If those innocent people are viewed as killers and terrorists no matter what they do, then why wouldn’t they live up to their reputation?

It is a scary thought that something that seems as simple as tweeting could stir up so much uncertainty. It is a good tool when used in the proper way, but we are in a sense doing Obama’s job for him by tweeting every message he sends for the Twitter world to see. We are his means of communication to the world. In a sense we are playing the game of the terrorists. We are spreading mass hatred through mass media and stereotyping which is making the terrorism situation even worse and spreading the hatred and separation even greater. To read more about this click here.