Lindsey Lohan has recently been arrested again for cocaine possession. She began her career as a sweet innocent little red-headed child playing the double role of the twins in the movie The Parent Trap. After that she took on several more roles, most of which were still pretty juvenile. Oh how times have changed! Since then, she has had a few different hair colors, been reported to be dating numerous guys (sometimes more than one at a time), has been caught partying at all hours of the night, and has been charged with possession of illegal drugs on more than one account and is now trying desperately to save her reputation. So now she has hired a life coach (the same one that Britney Spears hired to get her back on track) to help her get her life back and save her career. He is basically her personal public relations rep and is now getting paid to boost her reputation again and make her a more positive light in the public eye. I mean without a reputation, LL is not getting signed on to any new movies, and without any jobs, she is not making money and cannot keep up the life style that she is living. Public relations plays a huge role in the image that celebrities have. Paris, Britney and Lindsey have all had the help of professionals to help to restore their images. Regardless how many times LL gets busted for possession, as long as she is saying the right things to the media and attending rehab and making promises to do better, I am sure she will come out on top just like Britney did. Maybe her coach can somehow turn this whole drug and partying problem into something positive for her. If she keeps going to rehab and finally really gets back on top then I am sure she will be a top prospect for all kinds of campaigns targeted towards struggling teens and young people. I am a LL fan, so I hope the PR expert she has hired will bring her back.