It’s no secret that the NFL is trying its best to take out the trash these days and clean its image up. The recent story revolving around Inez Sainz, the Aztec reporter that was allegedly harrassed at a New York Jets’ practice, does not help with the clean-up effort. Since Michael Vick’s dog fighting conviction and Ben Rothlisberger’s sexual harrassment incident, the NFL has been working hard with public relations directors to tidy up the reputation and image of the league. Shortly after the Jets’ accusation appeared in the media, the NFL sent a memo to the public relations directors of each team reminding them of its equal access and conduct policies. This was an important move by the league to keep up its efforts to maintain the neater image.

Keeping up with the players’ actions has also helped reduce negative attitudes towards the league. When misconduct takes place, officials are quick to investigate and implement the discipline needed. It seems efforts to monitor the league have increased recently, which they should. Negativity towards the NFL reflects on games and revenue; therefore, keeping up with the lives and actions of players should be considered an important job. The public relations department should not be hearing about what the players are doing through other media outlets. Being on top of the news is always a must, especially in such an internationally recognized association. It seems the NFL has been on its game more than ever.