On Monday the CEO and Chairman of the Massey Energy Company announced that they were going to provide a full income, healthcare, education and childcare to the widows and children of the 29 miners that were killed in an explosion. Is this what the families really want? We will never know if this is really what the families want and if it will help them out with their losses. Nothing will make up for the loss of a loved one and the company knows that, but they are trying to do everything they can to make it right. Therefore, they are helping them out with the financial problems that come along with the accident.

The Massey company are going to provide the widows with life insurance benefits five times that miners annual pay. It will also pay for the difference between the miner’s  base standard pay and the monthly worker’s compensation benefit until they remarry or die. It will provide health insurance to each widow for 20 years unless she remarries, and to dependent children up to 19 or 24 if they stay in college. The company will also provide a childcare for children up to age 12. Finally, they will offer dependent children a four-year scholarship to a public college or vocational school in West Virginia.

With the life insurance benefit by itself is worth more than $10 million. I think this is the least that the company can do for thes families of the victims. Not only do I think that they should do it, but they are also trying to help out as much as they can and want to make the mines more safe for the future.

Supposedly what this company is paying these families is a lot more than any other company would ever pay to families. In the end what the company is doing will not bring the people back and not make their deaths any easier, but it will help out with the money situation. I personally, respect the fact they are trying to do what they can for these families. I think more companies with coal miners should be willing to do this also. It is a very sad situation.