Is the Apple i-Pad really that great? Apparently so, but not in my opinion. The i-Pad can do nothing different than an i-Phone or i-Pod touch. And a i-mac computer can do a lot more than the i-Pad . The only difference is that it is bigger than the i-Phone and i-Pod touch and smaller and more mobile than a Mac laptop. In my opinion if you have a Mac computer and i-Phone or i-Pod touch there is no sense in getting one because it is essentially the same thing as the phone/touch except for the size, and if you have the computer then that takes care of the size factor.

In my opinion, the i-Pad would have been a bigger hit and Apple would have sold a lot more if they had never come out with the i-touch and just the i-Pad. Therefore, people could use it for many different things just like they use their touch except it is bigger.