Ben Roethlisberger was given the smack down by N.F.L. commissioner Roger Goodell. Big Ben’s story with the allegations against him have been looming over him, his franchise, and everyone else for the last several months. At around the same time Roethlisberger’s story came out, one of his teammates, Santonio Holmes, got traded for a 5th round draft pick by the Steelers for disciplinary reasons. After that occurred, everyone started wondering what was going to happen to the face of one of the most storied franchises in all of sports, Ben Roethlisberger.

Roethlisberger also has another civil suit hanging over his head for sexual assault from 2008, that has not settled yet either. A couple of days after the incident, it had been made public that the 20-year-old college girl  Roethlisberger had been with was going to take him to court for sexual assault. Several weeks later it was made public that the girl was not going to press charges, and the police also could not find enough evidence to convict Roethlisberger; therefore, the case was dropped and no charges were made.

Even though Big Ben still has a clean record with no charges against him, N.F.L. commissioner Roger Goodell met with Roethlisberger and gave him a suspension of 6 games that could be reduced to 4 with good behavior.

There is lots of debate going on right now about why Goodell suspended one of the biggest and best players in the N.F.L. for 6 games without even being charged of anything. Goodell is making a statement to the players in the N.F.L. to make smart choices and not to put themselves in bad situations where something can happen to them. He wants these players to realize that they stand for something and represent more than just themselves.