About 5-7 years ago, my aunt met someone on a train who worked for Apple. He mentioned he currently was working on a computer that wasn’t a laptop but similar and more convenient. That man on the train was talking about the iPad, which was recently was released to the world. Not surprisingly, it was a hit. The iPad has sold over 250,000 e-books and 1 million apps in the first day of availablity.

They have done very well on advertisements, not that they need that many for attention. This includes an appearance on “Modern Family” when one of the characters wanted an iPad for his birthday while his wife had a full adventure day trying to get her hands on one.

All in all, this does make me think about that man on the train who was working on the iPad – which at the time would have seem so unreal and futuristic. I wonder what other technology products are being built right now that we will see in our near future.