I am, and always have been, a fan of going to the movie theater with friends and family.  The theater was the hang out in middle school, and a date spot for the kids in high school.  However, with the prices constantly rising to go see a movie, I have been going less and less.  Since being in college, I have seen two or three price changes.  The only reason I maybe go see a movie once every couple months is because of the student discount we get at the theater in Tuscaloosa.  I think this is a dumb move for the movie business.  Many people complain about the high prices, and it leads to less people going to see a movie on a boring weekend; people will choose a cheaper form of entertainment.  A family of 4 would end up spending around $40 , and they better hope it’s not a 3-D movie because those prices are even more expensive.  The newly released movie How to Train Your Dragon was very disappointed with the cash they brought in.  They hoped to get around $60 million, and they got $43.3 million.  Wow, how terrible…only $43.3 million.  This movie was offered in 3-D, but the prices are so ridiculous now, I don’t blame families for not taking their children to see it.

With the prices of movies going up on average of every two years or so, I can only imagine what the price will be when I have kids and have to pay for a whole family.  The movie business needs to consider this decrease in revenue, and consider lowering the prices of a movie ticket.  I, along with many others I would bet, would greatly appreciate it.