While the shark frenzy we like to call the mass media, does have its benefits, sometime they go a little overboard with the coverage of people’s personal struggles. Tiger Woods royally messed up. We get it. How much more needs to be said about the situation? And poor Sandra Bullock. Her husband is an idiot… but do we really have to dig so deep into the mess that it embarrasses such a classy lady even more? She’s already heartbroken and probably wants to kill him. Give her just a little breathing room. I know these people are famous and they’ve somewhat asked for this torture that can come along with the beauty of being famous, but still. I guess I am one of the few who do not care to know the names of all the women Tiger had an affair with, and I don’t see any benefit in knowing how many times Sandra’s husband has cheated on her. The fact is that it happened. We know this now. Quit digging so deep before you end up in a huge hole, or in China. I think media, especially the entertainment media, take investigative journalism too far. Scandals make for hot news, but the media beat the subject to death, which creates people like me who end up not paying any attention. It’s kind of like a song that they overplay on the radio. It gets to a point where it doesn’t matter who the artist is or if you used to like the song, you just can’t listen to it anymore because it annoys you. Change the song; Sandra and Tiger need to rest.