Well, this is just fantastic.  Kate Gosselin is said to be getting her own talk show according to the Telepictures media group.  Personally, I have had enough of Kate and all her drama this past year.  I used to be a fan of her show in the earlier seasons, but then her and Jon became different and annoying.  Her new talk show is said to also star Paula Deen, the TV cooking sensation.  There is talk about bringing other stars on the show to join them permanently.  Jon and Kate receive $75,000 per episode of Jon and Kate Plus 8.  This is why I am shocked that she says she needs to do this talk show for money.  With each season having about 20 episodes, she should be set taking care of her children.  That comes out to $1,500,000 per season.  Could we call Kate greedy?  I think so.   This show might take the place of the Tyra Show since Tyra is not signed on for another season.  I enjoyed the Tyra Show and am disappointed Kate Gosselin could take her place.

Obviously, I have made it clear that I have not been a fan of Kate Gosselin recently.  However, with 8 kids, I suppose you do need a lot of money to support them.  Even though I feel like she has plenty.  There are still many fans of Jon and Kate Plus 8 who support Kate and do wish to see her do well.  This is why her talk show could benefit her, and she could have a way of fixing her reputation and moving past her divorce drama.  Jon, on the other hand, needs to clean up his act and maybe he should do something with his life to better his recently declining reputation.