With the recent events at The University of Alabama at Huntsville and the awful event that occurred today in Texas, I can’t help but wonder if the media are right when they say that the suspect “just snapped.” I believe these people have been crazy for a long time; they have just managed to be under the radar.

The woman who shot those innocent people at UAH has a history of violence; yet, she was never charged with an offense. Somebody dropped the ball in those cases, and I will not be surprised if the people involved in this shooting question those officials and law proceedings that were involved in those previous events. As for the crazy man in Texas, apparently he has been mad at the IRS for years (of course, who actually likes the IRS), but he turned his hatred into action. Before he crashed his plane into the building, he burned his $400,000 house to the ground. This man went way beyond snapping. As did the UAH professor.

The question is how should we as the public react and handle these situations. The media, in my opinion, don’t do a great job of getting to the root of the problem. UAH should have informed its students of what was occurring instead of keeping the incident under wraps until absolutely necessary. All universities should make the safety of their students, faculty and staff the main priority. This incident will damage the reputation of UAH’s communication. The IRS, however, will look at their case very differently because it is a much bigger organization. They will probably go back and look at the records they have of this individual to see if there were any unfair factors from that end that could have helped build his anger.

The point is that I don’t think people snap. I think there are events and factors that lead up to a display of violence. The media should look at how they cover these events and think about how it is going to affect the business or organization’s PR.