I spent my evening watching the 44th Super Bowl and in that time have come to several conclusions. The first of these conclusions is that the game itself was somewhat mediocre, but that is the least of the problems. The actual advertising for the Super Bowl was highly disappointing compared to the commercials of Super Bowls passed. The commercials have gone from the  the Budweiser frogs that we used to watch and love to anti-abortion commercials featuring former Florida Quarterback Tim Tebow, whom many people may or may not like. Even the halftime show was over-flowing with mediocrity. Personally, I am a fan of The Who, but after watching my news stream on Twitter, many 20-something college students are not. Overall, I believe that the Super Bowl did not reach the level of excitement that I was expecting. However, I am very glad for the Saints’ win, as is the city of New Orleans, which might be the biggest beneficiaries of this Super Bowl 44.

Four years ago, New Orleans experienced Hurricane Katrina, an event that changed people’s lives forever. The Super Dome that was the home of the Saints had become a haven for families who had lost their homes and loved ones, perhaps even their lives. In my mind, a Super Bowl would seem to be the furthest thing from my thoughts after such a disaster. Even today, New Orleans is still trying to deal with the aftermath of the hurricane. But the Saints had a different idea. In interview after interview, I heard Saints players referring to this game as their chance to do something for New Orleans. If they won, the Saints would serve as an inspiration to the city of New Orleans and show that the city is now back on the map. Tonight, the New Orleans Saints did just that.  I could see the passion and desire that Saints fans had on their faces throughout this game. Even as the Saints were coming out of the tunnel, the energy was almost indescribable and gave me chill bumps. The Saints not only came to play, even though it was a shaky start, but to win;  win they did.

The Drew Brees post game interview really sealed the the image of the “new” New Orleans for me. Brees stated in his interview that four years ago,  he had no idea that he and his teammates would have made it to, much less won their very first Super Bowl. I must say that I agree with him. All season they persevered, maintaining a near-perfect record, and they have finally made it all the way. In my opinion, the New Orleans Saints could not have hired an agency to do better PR than what they did for themselves by winning this game. The Saints have opened a lot of doors for the people of New Orleans to regain confidence in themselves and their city; perhaps giving them the encouragement they need to take the finals steps in getting their lives back to normal.