I was at work Friday, the day after Thanksgiving. I really wanted to be out shopping but had to settle for online shopping instead.  For two weeks as I watched TV, how to shop Black Friday sales, who had the better sales, etc. were topics discussed.  On Thanksgiving’s Day it was pushed into overdrive so that it seemed like every 30 minutes the news mentioned something about the sales and who had what on sale or a commercial was running.  I think that stores like Target, Walmart and Best Buy did a great job with their coverage.  When people in the news would talk about the sales they would mention these stores and how they are expecting big crowds and what they are doing to make it safer for the people shopping.

This year the stores took a new approach to shopping and making people want to spend their money.  Not only did they offer sales but they also stressed the point that they would try to make shopping as safe as possible.  This gives people a new perspective of what big stores are doing to meet their needs.  Great PR effort!