At the AMAs on Sunday night, American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert caused quite a ruckus. As the very last performance of the night, Lambert went out with a bang– dancing provocatively and making out with another boy. Needless to say this has caused a complete uproar in the media. Was this a good pr move for Lambert? In my opinion, I don’t think so. For his first public performance to be such an outrageous one seems to be a bit much. Many people do not know who Lambert is; I had even forgotten that he was on American Idol. It definitely has Adam’s name being talked about by everyone, but it is not for the right reasons. The gay community has spoken out about Lambert’s performance as well, and is proud of him stepping out and standing up for homosexuals. But is this the appropriate way to get the message across? I think that his performance was completely over the top and seemed like a desperate attempt to get exposure. There are better, classier ways to find success.