With the Twilight Saga’s second movie, New Moon, about to hit theatres Nov.20, the New Moon social media mania continues to climb. The excitement for this movie has made tweets per day to net 81,000.  Not only is Twitter a place for this social media mania, but the new Myspace/Upstream partnership was a huge hit for the New Moon premiere. This live broadcast of the red carpet premiere shattered records with over 3 million viewers. Keep in mind this was not to see the movie, only to see the red carpet action. Research has also shown that 92% of tweets regarding New Moon have been positive, 8% of people are so tired of hearing about the craze that they took the time to tweet about how over it they were. Is this Twilight craze getting too much hype? And do people who don’t care about it feel that they are being overwhelmed with this New Moon mania?