This past weekend on my way home from Athens, Ga, I stopped at a random gas station. On my way out, my eye caught the attention of neon DVD’s. I walked closer out of curiosity to see what they were. As I looked closer, I saw on top of the cardboard box, which was displaying them, Adult Videos. Each video was covered in a different neon color construction paper. They were each labeled by race and each race had a color type. You could either choose White (neon yellow), Black (neon blue), Chinese (neon green) or Latina (neon orange). I was taken aback by the idea that each DVD was solely sold by racial preference. I started to think that maybe they were covering the front covers for their underage customers. However, they were sitting by the door so they were the first thing that would catch a customer’s eye. The form of advertising and communication channel that the gas station used on the adult videos was not one of good taste. I was wondering how ethical it was for a general gas station to sell adult DVD’s and put them on public display by racial description, only. I wondered if the rest of the chain was selling the same DVD’s labeled with the same color and race. It is interesting to think how some people still display the idea of race.