While sitting at the airport this morning, I decided to get on the PRWeek website and actually check it out. I have looked at the site before but never realized how much it really has to offer. Kind of disappointing and sad on my part, considering the fact that I am about to graduate with a degree in public relations. Either way I wanted to share with you one of the articles I found interesting.

The article was “Five Up and Coming Social Media Sites Every PR Person Should Know About.” The author talks about five new social media sites that PR experts expect to go mainstream by 2010. The sites were Googlewave, farmville, “lifestream tool,” Posterous, and the location-based network Centrl.com.

I went to Centrl.com and found it pretty cool. To be honest I couldn’t really figure it out, but that is probably because I was accessing it from my iPhone. When I opened the site, it had a map of my current location, which I thought was really neat, and a box in the middle with links to all the popular social media networks that I use daily. I definitely think all of you should check it out if you haven’t already!