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Tonight, I attended the Nick Saban show at Buffalo Wild Wings.  Now, this is a great public relations event in itself, but the content of Saban’s remarks were interesting.  He talked about expectations and the problem that the media causes him and his team.

Tonight, he used Greg McElroy as an example.  He mentioned that after week 3, people were ready to give the young quarterback the Heisman, and all that kind of talk did was place expectations and pressure on his quarterback.  Therefore, when he struggled a little in the past couple of games, people don’t want to talk about how he is a young quarterback who is facing tougher defenses that make it more difficult for him to make his reads.  They just want to know “what’s wrong with him.”  McElroy is a fantastic QB who has never lost a game as a starter, yet even the best aren’t going to have a perfect game every week.  The true test of a wonderful team is finding a way to win no matter what.  Those guys pulled together and did that.

In these days of social media and blogs, we want constant information about our favorite sports teams.  But, what so many people need to remember is that all of the guys on the field are students just like us.  They wake up in the mornings, work out, watch film, attend classes, study and work hard just like all other college students.  Yet, like Saban said, at Alabama “we make celebrities out of them fast around here.”  In this class, we’re always talking about social media and the more traditional media.  Yet, I think we need to remember that as new mediums increase in popularity, that it might not be a great thing for everyone, because they’ve still got to come up with headlines to post.  So, hearing endless questions about a bad week on the field, the use of tape on kicks or the color of jerseys that will be worn will most likely get really annoying.