This past weekend Where the Wild Things Are was anticipated to come out a box office hit. The opening of this movie was a highly anticipated one for all generations. It has been a classic book since I can remember. Even though it was number one in the box office this weekend, its ratings will soon plummet. I have heard such terrible things from kids, young adults and parents. It is disappointing to see such a great movie became a total failure. If Disney takes every classic book and produces it into a multi-million dollar movie what will the kids have left? I am sure most of you remember sitting around in a circle for story time and your teacher reciting the words to the classic Where the Wild Things Are.

Maybe it is a generation gap, but I feel that some of these classic tales should stay in there classic form. It is obvious that there cannot be another Mary Poppins or Little Mermaid, So why try.

Will these classic books stay classics or will they just collect dust on the shelves? Kids now are watching Miley Cyrus movies instead of Lady and the Tramp or Beauty and the Beast. It’s heart breaking to see such young kids all grown up because the media have taken away the idea of classic movies and traded it for billboard teen princesses. The market for young kids these days is so different. Growing up, we wanted new Barbie dolls and Polly pockets; now the kids want Miley dolls.

For generations classics were not considered a trend, they were considered the best of all time. I think this movie should set the precedent for Disney to stop recreating classics for the box office. It is different when a book like Harry Potter comes out and the movies are released a year or two later rather than over 45 years later. Now, our kids will not value classic books the way we got to.