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Are print advertisements on the verge of being “outdated”? Companies are more focused on Internet advertisements and social networking to convey their messages. More information is being passed through personal blogs, Twitter and Facebook accounts. Companies have blogs and are starting to respond to organizational problems addressed on Twitter. Athletes and entertainers are promoting themselves through personal posts and Facebook groups. Invitations to parties are no longer mailed to your front door, they are sent through evites or Facebook invitations. Some organizations use podcasts to post press releases for upcoming events. How much will interpersonal communication deteriorate throughout the upcoming years? Online classes have taken away from classroom experience. Some classrooms are satellite classrooms that have no interpersonal communication. Some people find this more convenient in their lives. However, I find it worse. People’s social skills will soon deteriorate, only masking themselves through the world of technology. How are the citizens going to make money when the world is run by computers? We have first hand experience that technology is surpassing the human brain.. where will it end? Time will reveal all the answers….