This summer I did an internship in London with a fashion PR agency. At first I was extremely excited about the internship, as their Web site is quite impressive. It features several celebrity endorsements and their client list is unbelievable. However, as soon as I got to work I realized that the Web site did not depict how the company was run at all. The Web site hadn’t been updated in quite sometime, and I realized that it was all smoke and mirrors. After my internship was over and the company proved to be far below average, I began to understand that the company was using public relations to their advantage and had created a Web site that advertised something that seemed much greater than it was. This company was promoting something that was untrue, therefore not following the ethics of pr. According to the leadership interviews we listened to last week, it is very important to stay true to one’s values and beliefs, and to have integrity. The company that I worked for did not believe in any of these ideals. It was not only their Web site that lacked character, but it was the entire organization. This showed me that a company must have integrity in all that it does, and if one aspect fails, the entire organization could suffer. After my experience this summer, I felt that I had not learned much in PR. However, looking back, I now realize that the greatest learning experience of all was seeing the public relations mistakes that this company had made, and what type of place I do not want to work for in the future.