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You might notice something a little different about your favorite NFL team this weekend. For all of this week’s games, the NFL is encouraging players to wear pink in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. So, expect to see your favorite player with pink cleats, gloves or sweatbands while they’re moving the ball down the field.

Many players are excited about the opportunity to help support a cause. “Cancer affects everybody in some way,” Patriots Wide Receiver Randy Moss said in a press release. “If I can do something to help people out, to raise awareness and help raise money – well, that’s what it’s all about. I want to make a difference.”

Chad Ochocinco said on his Twitter page that he will “look like a pink panther [on] Sunday.” He also stated that he plans on wearing pink gloves, shoes and wrist bands in all games throughout the month of October, and if the NFL fines him, he will match the fine in a donation to breast cancer research. (I guess the NFL can launch a campaign called Fines for a Future? hmmm…)

Overall, some have questioned how effective this tactic is and wonder how it really creates awareness of breast cancer and prevention techniques. I think it is already incredibly successful. Many sports websites have been writing about the players who have sported the pink gear in practices all week. The bottom line is that this technique sparks conversation. Let’s face it, sports announcers are always looking for subjects to beat into the ground during the games. So, you can bet sports fans will hear plenty about the hot pink gear these players will be wearing on Sunday. It’s a great idea that will bring more awareness to a very important cause. I think that as far as nonprofit organizations go, breast cancer awareness programs do one of the best jobs of thinking of new, creative, effective ways to get their message out.