After several disputes in the offseason, Lane Kiffin and Urban Meyer are at it again.  Last weekend, the Vols only lost to the Gators by ten points (23-13).  This was considered a moral victory, because some even thought the Gators would hang 100 on Tennessee after Coach Kiffin’s offseason comments.  After their constant back-and-forth comments during the offseason, Mike Slive, SEC Commissioner, reprimanded the coaches this summer.  I don’t think these guys got the message.  

Following the game, Urban Meyer stated that Tennessee was never really playing to win the game.  He said that even when the Vols were in striking distance, they never truly opened up their offense.  (Yet, with Jonathan Crompton at QB, I can’t say that I blame them.)  Meyer also stated that several members of his team were battling the flu.  

After that, you know Lane Kiffin is going to respond.  The coach said he wishes that football was like basketball so that his team could have another shot at the Gators.  When asked if the flu has affected his team, he stated, “I don’t know. I guess we’ll wait and after we’re not excited about a performance, we’ll tell you everybody was sick.” Ouch.  

This arguing in the news brought back the attention of the media and the attention of Slive.  The commissioner has spoken again with both coaches.  Lane Kiffin has said repeatedly that he will say outrageous things in order to gain exposure for Tennessee football.  Do these little-girl arguments between coaches really help their football programs, especially in recruiting?  I guess these two coaches figure that there are some great advantages to having your name in the headlines.