I’ve been really thinking about this question a lot lately. Do I stay at UA and maybe pursue my Master’s degree and hopefully be admitted? Do I study hard and hopefully get the score on the LSAT that I need to get into UA’s law school? Or do I actually get out in the job market and find a job and use my PR degree…or what if I fall in love with a company or organization that I really want to work for, how can I improve my chances of getting a job with them?

I did a little research and these are just a few pointers that professionals are giving to PR job seekers just out of college:

  1. They say to take a look at your applications for companies that you have already done work for or you have been rejected from.
  2. Pick one or two companies that you want to really focus on. And look for everywhere you can get into contact with them (Facebook, Twitter, MySpace). Also professionals are saying to follow Linked In and find people that used to work there or are still working there.
  3. Get into some online groups for your preferred PR firms.

(I actually wrote this before I did my reactions paper for class. If there is anything you want advice on when dealing with PR and being fresh out of college, pick up a copy of Legacies from the Legends in Public Relations, believe me you will be happy you did!)