Lately it has become quite the obsession to belong to all different kinds of social media networks.  I understand that some people are doing it in order to stay in touch with everything that is happening in the media, as a networking tool or for personal reasons.  However, I find it interesting that many college students, like myself, are using it in order to boost their own personal pr.  What I mean by this is that college students are creating Twitter accounts, linkedin, facebook and personal blogs in order to become more marketable to employers.  This is a great idea because it shows that you know how to use social media.  Also, you are in tune with the changes that are occurring in the professional world since the explosion of social media.

However, what really gets me is the people who have created personal blogs to simply gossip about people that not everyone knows and discuss simplistic and useless topics.  I don’t understand why anyone would think this is a positive move for your personal pr.  I mean what are you telling your potential employer? I have the ability to say terrible things about people, versus my true interests, abilities and experiences as a human being.  However, I am impressed by the blogs where people discuss a little bit about their personal life and of course the business aspect…in other words a nice blend of work and pleasure.  I feel like there are so many college students out there with an immense amount of talent! We should continue to use social media, because we know how, but really focus on boosting positive pr for ourselves!