One of my favorite things to do each day is to check I love keeping up with all of the latest celebrity news. Embarrassing, I know. So when searching for something to write about for this blog, I of course went to Us Weekly for help. I found an article about Ellen Degeneres replacing Paula Abdul on Idol. Well, American Idol and Ellen are also two of my favorite things (once again, I am embarrassed) so the combination of the two seems explosive. 

Bringing Ellen onto American Idol will add not only a new face to the judges panel, but it will also bring all of Ellen’s fans to the show, as well. Ellen is well-liked and appreciated, and people will watch just to hear what funny things she has to say. Ellen will also open the doors for the gay community to be more interested in American Idol.

Ellen is using public relations and social media to further her career– the more that Ellen is seen and heard (especially on a family friendly show), the larger her fan base will become. She will gain more viewers by being on the show and American Idol will benefit from all of her fans, as well. It was a great career and pr move for both parties because ratings will improve across the board.