After mentioning the PR twins role in Bruno in class today I went to the PROpenMic Web site and decided to read more and I came across the interview they did with Black Book. I was amazed at how stupid they came off in the movie and even more amazed at how unconcerned they were about how they came off. I mean like they say all publicity is good, but in this case I don’t know that all PR execs will feel that way. The girls made PR practitioners seem dumb and clueless and that the PR profession is simply a joke and after years of building PR up to make people take us seriously and to stop thinking about us as full of it, in a matter or 10 minutes these girls brought PR way back down.

It’s fantastic that they were able to laugh at themselves and  take it as a joke and not get offended and upset, but at the same time it makes one think…are these girls really that naive and stupid and if they are how great that they are running a business (any business at all, let alone a PR business). The biggest shocker to me was that they sounded just as clueless in the interview as they were portrayed in the movie.

At the end of the interview they asked the interviewer what he thought about the movie and his response was that they seemed clueless and people were going to laugh at them, but comparative to racist and homophobes dumb wasn’t so bad. Their response….”Good!” What? That’s a good thing? Being told that they seem dumb, but it could have been worse is a good? Maybe I’m way off, but being PR practitioners that come off as clueless and stupid isn’t something, no matter what the comparison, that could ever be good.

At least they got some publicity.